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Until 1948, a sport was used only for the enjoyment of imperialists and they had formed sports clubs for their own use and public funds were spent for their development. Similarly, there were informal sports in villages but they enjoyed neither recognition nor did they flow down to the lower levels. About two decades after the independence, sport was recognized as a field of human interest which could lead to international recognition. Accordingly for the first time, sport was identified as a subject under the Ministry of Nationalized Services in 1966. Similarly the sports division, which was established at the Secretariat building in Fort was shifted to the office of the Sports Development Department at Torrington on 5th January 1966. The government of the day having realized that sports should be started at the school level, recruited 150 Health Education Instructors through the Department of Education and were attached to schools at Assistance Government Agent Division levels. Accordingly, Hon. V.A.Sugathadasa who was the first Sports Minister showed the contribution of sports for the protection of health by supplying sports equipment and infrastructure facilities.